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Code Pool

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This is the place for SC3 code that does not need class extensions.
For tutorials, see Theory, for class extensions there is the Public Library.

See also: the Code Pool SC2, which has a lot of code that can be still ported to SC3.

Note that code that uses graphics functionality isn't compatible between different operating systems.

networking den haag

Seminar Paderborn
SuperCollider goes Disco 2.0 (Uni Paderborn) - Materials

Cottle tutorial translations:

An ongoing project to translate the examples in the David Cottle SuperCollider 2 course into sc3. Will eventually include notes on server architecture, etc.

NOTE–Professor Cottle has updated his Computer Music book using SC3. To get a copy of this book, email Professor Cottle at d dot cottle at utah dot edu with a short description of who you are and how you are using SC.

little Pieces

140-Character Examples (sctweets)

SynthDef collections

STK Physical Models

Tips and tricks

Math / DSP

Developer tools



usualy with graphic elements (GUI)








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