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this utility class keeps track of documents in a folder. i use it like a 'quicklauncher' for patches and synthdefs.

// 050125-26, 050427 /f0
// bugfixes: 061206 asArray, 071216 guified, 080907 reveal was broken, 080909 listView height fix
// 081025 replaced Font with GUI.font, clear up colours
// 090705 using view redirect classes (sc3.3.1)
// based on two old classes called RedPatchListGUI and RedSynthDefsGUI

/* -keyboard shortcuts:

	'ctrl+u' = update list


	and put some documents in a folder called 'patches' in your main sc folder.
	with the GUI in focus, press 'ctrl+u' to scan the directory again.  your files should show.
	select and press 'enter' to open.
	you can set path, recursiveness and bounds...
		RedFolderGUI("Help", true, Rect(100, 200, 300, 400));
	warning... 'reveal' button only works on os x

RedFolderGUI {
	var <window, <path, <>recursive, <allPaths, <listView;
	*new {|path= "patches/", recursive= false, bounds|
		^, bounds);
	initRedFolderGUI {|argPath, bounds|
		var fnt= Font("Monaco", 9);
		var col=;
		var colBack= Color.grey(0.5, 0.8);
		path= PathName(argPath).asAbsolutePath;
		bounds= bounds ? Rect(1280-160, 41, 159, 769);//default bounds
		window= Window(path.basename, bounds, false).alpha_(0.9).front;
		window.view.background= colBack;
		Button(window, Rect(1, 1, bounds.width-2/3, 17))
			.states_([["loadThis", col, Color.clear]])
			.action_{if(allPaths.notEmpty, {allPaths[listView.value].load}); listView.focus};
		Button(window, Rect(bounds.width-2/3+1, 1, bounds.width-2/3, 17))
			.states_([["loadAll", col, Color.clear]])
			.action_{{|x| x.load}; listView.focus};
		Button(window, Rect((bounds.width-2/3*2)+1, 1, bounds.width-2/3, 17))
			.states_([["reveal", col, Color.clear]])
					\osx, {
						//fails if there is a ' in the filename
						var p= allPaths[listView.value];
						("osascript -e 'tell application \"Finder\" to (reveal item \""$/, $:)++"\" of startup disk) activate'").unixCmd;
					{"RedFolderGUI: reveal for osx only".postln}
		listView= ListView(window, Rect(0, 20, bounds.width, bounds.height-24))
			.keyDownAction_{|view, char, mod, unicode|
				//added ctrl+u for updating list
				if((mod&262144==262144)&&(unicode==21), {this.update});
				view.defaultKeyDownAction(char, mod, unicode);
				if(allPaths.notEmpty, {[view.value])})
	update {
		var func;
		if(recursive, {
			func= {|x|{|y|
					if(PathName(y).isFolder, {
					}, {
		}, {
				if(PathName(y).isFile, {
		defer{listView.items= allPaths.asArray.collect{|x| x.asString.basename}};
	font_ {|font|{|view| view.font= font};
	front {



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