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recent contributions (2003-2004)

                  this is not complete: for a more detailed list of changes, hit 'changes'

recent contributions (2005 onwards)


08/16 updated Understanding Assignment
08/17 updated Parcel (SC3d), fixing a bug in the example file
08/18 updated Triggering Sound Events (SC2)
08/20 new version of SampleBank uploaded to Sampling
09/22 uploaded Pseed for sc3
10/01 uploaded new version of MarkovSet (nth order, Help file)
10/17 uploaded new version of Turtle and Ants
10/26 uploaded new version of myRibosome
11/1 uploaded working version of myRibosome ....
11/3 KeyToDegree convert from a given frequency or key to an index into a scale
11/18 overview of video compression codecs
12/21 Tree, a MultiLevelDictionary
01/04 Pfbind: a modified FilterPattern revised version
01/06 Pmemo, a better version and Pbiscale
01/13 update of Tree
01/13 Pfbind: a modified FilterPattern bugfix
01/20 corrected broken links in Music Technology Directories
01/21 updated version of Pbit / Pfbit
01/28 new version of SCLibrary by Ron Kuivila
02/19 new version of SampleBank: Sampling
02/23 codepage testpage test templates for code
04/13 Pdict Dictionary Patterns updated
04/13 Gabun/Bavaria SC2 dual fundamental harmonics scale examples
05/02 MarkovSet bugfix in sc2 version
06/01 ArrayNDPattern
06/01 updated ArrayND
07/11 leer #14 another update
07/31 Just In Time Programming (old) (Parcel etc.) for sc2
08/28 Wavesets for disintegrating samples by AdC
10/28 sc node class system for sclang to be tried out for sc 3 server
05/01 Panning Library with geometric doppler panning
10/01 FunctionTool a simple tool to display mappings with functions
01/21 Just In Time Programming (SC 2 version, mac os 9) (new version)
New Code Pool start adding
some redesigns, contributions to sc3 CodePool
10/23 Client, an inter-app object
11/11 Stethoscope, a scope for the internal server
12/25 site updates, cosmetics etc
12/25 building a bridge of peace between the client and the server
12/26 maybe he isn't dead yet, Jim


03/28 fed up with feed back
04/06 general improvements of layout and some corrections
12/07 uploaded corrected version of rendering score files
12/12 everyone is too lazy to add changes here
12/17 Oracle

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