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SC on OSX utility to convert rtf help to html

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Here's a quick and dirty SC utility to convert rtf helpfiles into html, for OSX users.

It uses textutil, provided with OSX 10.4+.

Note that you can change the function ~convert1file to issue a different unix command, e.g., unrtf, if you so choose.

You give a root directory where conversion should start (as ~src) and specify in ~setTargetDir how to transform that directory name into the new location. The utility walks through all subdirectories.

Hope this is helpful to someone.


// convert help


~src = "~/SCServer/hjhHelp/".standardizePath;

// path/to/Help/ --> path/to/HelpHTML/
// path/to/Help/subdir --> path/to/HelpHTML/subdir
// you can or should customize this function if you want to use a different target

~setTargetDir = { |dir|
	var	index = dir.find("Help");
	dir.copy.insert(index + 4, "HTML")
~convert1file = { |path|
	var	pathname = PathName(path),
		dir = pathname.pathOnly,
		newdir = ~setTargetDir.(dir),
		filename = pathname.fileName.asString,
		newPath = pathname.fileNameWithoutExtension.asString ++ ".html",
		cmd = "textutil -convert html -output %% %%".format(newdir.escapeChar($ ),
			newPath.escapeChar($ ), dir.escapeChar($ ), filename.escapeChar($ ));
		unixCmd(("mkdir " ++ newdir).debug("running"));

~convertdir = { |path|
	var	files = (path ++ "*.rtf").pathMatch;{ |path|

~convertdirs = { |path|
	var	subdirs = (path ++ "*"){ |dir| dir.last == thisProcess.platform.pathSeparator });
	~convertdir.(path);{ |path|

r = Routine({


// if something goes wrong, you can interrupt here.

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