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Code Pool SC2

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walk in the snow
Sonification of the Cantor Set
Gabun/Bavaria SC2 dual fundamental harmonics scale examples
radio talk
scale economies
time slot walks under mouse control
animal sounds
Multichannel Panning Examples
sliding loops
Kinderstuck (variations on Webern's Kinderstuck, real time substitution of row versions, DC)
holding myself, not to cry
Hommage Audiomulch wavetables as control mechanism
MIDI In Channelscanner SC2


Lissajou Knots
in the sink frequency modulated filters
barpiano jam
irish birds faint impression of foggy tunes

order now
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code that needs extra class libraries:

Cellular Automata (sc3d)
floatAt it soft indexing examples
Just Walk to Africa #2 (generative mix of concrete and synthesized patches, DC, sc2)
time table sonification (sc2)
PV Ugen exploration (sc3d)
Auto Karaoke granulation and playback
random seeds examples for SC3d


// bubbles analog
f = midicps(kr(LFSaw, 0.4, 24, kr(LFSaw, [8,7.23], 3, 80))); // glissando function
ar(CombN, ar(SinOsc, f, 0, 0.04), 0.2, 0.2, 4) // echoing sine wave

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