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Cottle examples

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NOTE–Professor Cottle has updated his Computer Music book using SC3. To get a copy of this book, email Professor Cottle at d dot cottle at utah dot edu with a short description of who you are and how you are using SC.

The following pages contain translations of the audio examples from David Cottle's marvelous SC2 course, rewritten for SC3 and annotated.

If an example in the book is not translated here, it will run without alteration. Virtually all examples having to do only with data manipulation will work just as well in SC3.

The audio examples have to be rewritten because the synthesis architecture is so different. The theory behind the examples will be the same as in the book, so the book's explanations are still good. Where there are significant differences, they will be explained in comments in the translations.

My hope is that these pages will help beginners use the Cottle book to learn SC3. They may also serve as a Rosetta stone for experienced SC2 users who want to see how the Server works.

Table of contents

For contributors: Please make sure to put your translations in the right chapter page and code them by example number.

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