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grep your helpfiles

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Use grep to search for keywords in the help directory.

q = q ? ();
q.grep = {|pattern="JITLib", where = "Help", includes(["rtf", "html", "scd"])|
	var p, l;
	var str;
	var includesList;
	var resultList = List();
		includes = [includes]
	includesList = includes.collect{|name|  " --include=*.% ".format(name)}.join;

	str = "cd %; grep -r % \"%\" -l *"
		.format(where, includesList, pattern);
	p =, "r");							// list directory contents in long format
	l = p.getLine;								// get the first line
	while({l.notNil}, {resultList.add(l); l = p.getLine; });	// post until l = nil
	p.close;										// close the pipe to avoid that nasty buildup

// grep for "spawn" in quarks directory
q[\grep].("spawn", "~/Library/Application\\ Support/SuperCollider/quarks".standardizePath, "html").printAll; ""

// grep for "spawn" in all helpfiles
q[\grep].("spawn", "Help").printAll; ""


in early spring '07

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