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"It is their stupidity that makes computers so valuable for us"
a trainable n-th order markovset

[see also: Finite State Machines]

Markov Library

download: Now included in MathLib


todo: proper help files for ShannonFinger/ShannonMarkovSet


ShannonFinger was designed for the markov congress at Humboldt University Berlin, April 03: Mr.Kov
Julian Rohrhuber, in communication with Martin Carlé, and adopted for sc3 in 11/03. Thanks to Alberto de Campo for the hint toward Shannon's Markov Chain algorithm.


a quote from the markovified MUST-READ-ME:

New GUI.

The GUI framework has been removed. PlayBuf can start multiple synths playing. For example execute code within a certain
CurveSeq - detect a rectangle.
Trapezoid - detect a ugen can record in the RTVM.

Even with an input can be added to WavesampleBank.
DiskOut no support.

I may ignore emails will be repatched while a simple to
write new spectral processing objects can be added to the RTVM.

The synth engine.
The synth engine has been authorized for recording of the sample is maintained in real time virtual machines.
There is done in the program control.

Non real time.
PlayBuf no longer directly supports internal sample is available in this version 3:

Dual virtual machine (RTVM) runs in the following messages:
draw - generate all ugens. This version will not the RTVM.
{,0,0.1) }.play(2);
}.send; // send a prerelease of version will be deleted from this version 3 Pre-Alpha Demo

Dual virtual machines. This allows it either loops the earliest started, or reload a Synth.process method used as
a UGen and may
inherit or no longer requires the signal which serve to list here.

New capabilities of DelayWr and
Tap which allows the solution.

A sketch of the prepareRecord and replace them with C objects, such a value in version 2.
Synth.record now a user menu.


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