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Just In Time Programming (old)

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there is a new version on Just In Time Programming (SC 2 version, mac os 9), this is just for reference


download: [JITLib.hqx]

this library allows to edit patterns on the fly while playing them.
It works for sc2 and will be there in sc3, too.
not tested with crucial lib and SC/Node lib.

you need
(not stated in example)

change to come:

Parcel will be Pdef


download: [ProxySpace.hqx]

ProxySpace is an extension to crucial library that helps simultaneous programming & playing.
The idea is to provide placeholders that can be used within code that get updated
as soon as their player is changed. The players are kept under their name in Library.
ProxyPlayer(\name) returns a reference to that player and if needed creates a new one.

At the same time once ProxySpace is initiated (ProxySpace.push), any player can be
created and/or reached by ~itsName.

Whenever and only when code is evaluated that changes its player, all instances that
were created from it get updated by crossfading into the new version. This scheme will also
translate well into sc3 server.

a = ~myName; will then return a new player
~myName = something; will play something through ~myName.

at all times and can be used.

this is equivalent to
a = ProxyPlayer(\myName);
ProxyPlayer(\myName, something, numChannels, envelope); (numChannels, envelope can be set afterwards)

at all times ProxyPlayer(\anyName).ar and ProxyPlayer(\anyName).play can be used

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