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video compression codecs

Test used a 10 second movie 720x576 - videocodec 25 fps - without sound
encoded on a G4 with Quicktime 5.01.
The time used had be noted and the outcome size. the quality is the
slider in QT for selecting the hardness of compression/quality. Some
Codecs have no quality choice.

3ivxmpeg4lowest2.18952 Kb
3ivxmpeg4middle2.051,7 mb
3ivxmpeg4highest2.003,8 mb
Animationanimationmiddle0.45105 mb
Cinepaccinepacmiddle7.4215,5 mb
ComponentVideocomponent - 1.00197,0 mb
DivXmpeg4middle6.201,3 mb
AppleDV PALappleDV - 0.5234,3 mb
DVstream PALDV - 1.3134,3 mb
H.263H.263 - 0.235,5 mb
Indeo 5intel indeomiddle4.504,2 mb
keine -- 2.16296,6 mb
M JPEG Amjepglowest0.508,5 mb
M JEPG Amjpegmiddle0.5521,4 mb
Planar RGBplanarRGB middle1.05146,2 mb
Sorensen3sorenson3lowest1.402,4 mb
Sorensen3sorenson3middle2.0011,9 mb
Toast Video CDmpeg2 - 1.161,6 mb
Videvideomiddle0.3644,6 mb

dv standard: ca. 4.5 minutes / GB

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