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Sonification of Genetic Data

For more information and some of the sources, see: Sonifying Protein Bio Synthesis
download (full version 0.3) download only the library (for SCPlay2.2.11, n.a.right now).
Note that this is an OS9 program, not yet ported to OSX.

myRibosome is a software to analyse genetic data and convert it to
musical parameters. This application acts like a ribosome in a cell
that translates the bases of the incoming mRNA into aminoacids that form
the components of the folded protein chains.

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how to use myRibosome

this software is free, with no warranty.

Known Problems:
a memory error occurs when a system extension called "USB Floppy Enabler" is active.

tested on MacOs 8.6 - 9.1
G3 upwards

New features (0.3):

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