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sc node class system for sclang

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SynthLib.sit (revised version)

known problems:

server.quit does not remove nodes from the tree, (but this needs overriding a common server.quit).
use RootNode.stop(server) instead

changes to last version:

this is a revised version taking into account a cadavre exquis of changes/suggestions
by james, ron and alberto and some refactoring by felix.

changed api:, arrayOfArgs, target, addAction)
there are many features taken out, especially server sided tree maintenance that
might be added later. There is a bundle construction interface added for composing
time accurate processes. / and such will either added later or will be done by FunctionPlayer
synth.replace is gone.

maybe we can come to a point where this is some kind of standard for
further development?
thanks for help and suggestions

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