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Just In Time Programming (SC 2 version, mac os 9)

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JITLib1.hqx (SC2)
Just In Time Programming current version (SC 3)
just in time - pieces and code using jitlib

ProxyPlayer is an extension to crucial lib that helps simultaneous programming & playing.
The idea is to provide placeholders that can be used within code that get updated
as soon as their player is changed. The players are kept under their name in library.
ProxyPlayer(\name) returns a reference to that player and if needed creates a new one.
Whenever and only when code is evaluated that changes its player, all instances that
were created from it get updated by crossfading into the new version.
There is a shortcut using ProxySpace.

please contact me if there is any problem or question.

there is some networking classes included (still in change),
that are part of a similar idea.

authors so far: [jrh]
for reference: Just In Time Programming (old)

sc2 version needs:

crucial lib 1.6 and consolidated lib.
known problems: quit on startup (sc2), this happens if you have a lot of extra classses

these are the minimal requirement classes for this lib, apart from the consolidated common library:
miniCrucialLib.hqx (some of the examples will not work as well as the gui)

sc2 alarm clock

Uploaded Image: y2k2.gif

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