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Parcel (SC3d)

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for a SC2 version, see Just In Time Programming (old)

use patterns like Instruments in SC3d, which has the advantage that you can
edit them while running. Creating an instrument means that it is put into the
Library where it gets used by any running stream.
Similary this can be done with Patterns using this class.
Parcel is still very much in change, bu I use it alot.


Parcel.initClass; //initialize default patterns

Parcel(\lim, Pbind(\freq, Pseq(#[240, 300]), \dur, 0.1)); //change this while playing
Parcel(\out, Plib(\lim));

#{{}.play}.send; //play it.

sc3d is just preview and the Library might well be gone until the last version.
It will be no problem, however, to reimplement it.

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Air Parcel Stability

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