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techdoc swiki

is swiki for technical documentation



in the beginning there were unix system docs,
later came Mac stuff 'bout atalk and the macintosh keys, but then...
a section on micro$oft "operating systems" was needed.
as well as some freeware servers suitable for the above...
here is nfs for win

some hardware nerd put his collection of techstuff online...
which includes docs an snippets on atmel avr devices

there is client/server (Internet) architecture info..
.. of course a section on html..
... and a new one on VRML
.. more general: 3d resources

some sound stuff for linux

look at some holes

I just wanted the FAQs, ma'am..
here they are:
BASH programming HOWTO
mini linuxes
computer dealers in HH
video dealers in HH (projection)
audio equipment dealers in HH
foto dealers in HH
bmk electronics wg. mpeg2 encoder karte

Uploaded Image: gyro.jpg

htmlseiten.dmg WTF ?

winxp network profile switching

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