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ipsec links

Overview over IPsec
Installation and Configuration Guide X.509 FreeS/WAN
ipsec tool for win2k/XP ebootis or shrew
ipsec setup unter win2k
w2k using fbsd

bei 2000/xp muss noch aus dem resource kit (gibts beim Hersteller) etwas nachinstalliert werden:
"Install ipsecpol.exe (Windows 2000) or ipseccmd.exe (Windows XP) as described in the documentation for the ipsec utility."

Ipseccmd program for XP:
"You have to install the Win XP Support tools. They reside on your Win XP CD in the directory \SUPPORT\TOOLS.
Just start setup.exe in this directory. You have to select a Complete installation to get ipseccmd."

more instructions...

MacOSX 10.2
fixing racoon for osx 10.3.x
Part one
Part two

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