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dell inspiron 8000 (i8k)


misc. hardware
misc. software

i found some tech specs at dell's
and some linux downloads

there's some bios setup utility: i8000su.exe
and a sleep-to-disk RH7S2d.exe prog
files from dell

more (searching google)

a page on linux for laptops
and tuxmobil

bsd links

single-floppy linuxes

  • Dell Inspiron 8000

  • Dell Inspiron 8000

  • Dell Inspiron 8000

  • Dell Inspiron 8000

  • Dell Inspiron 8000

  • but kernel 2.4.2 with 1394 patch, sound patch for maestro3 on debian was ok
    eth0 as well...

  • Dell Inspiron 8000 (in German)

  • Dell Inspiron 8000

  • here is something on drivers for the sound card:

    if you get 'card reports no rx buffers' from the eepro100, help might be here

    or here
    Missing File (/techdoc/uploads/netdriver-2.1.src.rpm)

    dutch lvm howto (logical volume manager)

    dv for linux
    more vid

    and something on the kernel

    and how about playing multiple audio streams ?
    Or, as long as the application doesn't memory map the 
    sound card DMA buffers (like quake), you can run: 

            esddsp program args 

    to reroute audio device calls to the esd server. For example: 

            esddsp realplay somefile.rm 
            esddsp vmware winamp.exe somefile.mp3 

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