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unix system docs

"all 1960/70s technology"

unix intro

unix history

tips an trix

unix holes

a good general overview

a list of microkernel systems

other viewpoints (images)

unix shell intro
shell scripting
aliens bash tutorial

file system permissions

list of some unix commands, also

more tutorials

tons of tutorials

some advanced tutorials

links links links

teach urself redhat linux in 24 hours: STYLINUXIN24HOURS.PDF
( 4 MB download )

shell scripts with bash

bsd links

a list of faq's about bsd

some _readable info on unix os'es, protocols and dns
searchable nameserver mapper

available for almost every unix system: the the vi editor

Zen and the Art of the Internet

Installation links

there is an etc swiki containing configuration infos

Apache Core Directives


after all.. if it was too difficult (broken link)

recovering luks

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