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macintosh keys

(thorough explanations will probably follow)

Screen Shot: apple-shift-3
Screen Shot (select w/ mouse): apple-shift-4

rebuild desktop: kill finder with apple-alt-esc, keep apple-alt pressed

hold space pressed during boot to get extensions-on-off-dialog

hold apple-alt-o-f pressed during boot to get the openFirmware boot menu

hold apple-alt-p-r during boot to erase parameterRam (let it bang 4-5 times)

to boot the scsi volume with the next higher id than the startvolume: keep pressed: alt-apple-shift-backspace

firewire connection between 2 macs: plug the cable, start the "slave" keeping T pressed. also useful to install another machine (ie an xserve without graphics adapter)

apple-s: start in single user mode

shift to start without extensions

more key combos (german) at

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