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SuperCollider 3 on Linux

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Compiling SuperCollider 3 on a Linux system (now with Portaudio) is about compiling SC3 server and sclang

Quick 64 bit Debian Supercollider install howto
Quick 64 bit Ubuntu Supercollider install howto

How to install Supercollider on Ubuntu Linux

Consider applying the low latency and capabilies patches to your kernel: soundrelated linux kernel patches

If you want to try SC on Linux using a "Live CD" try pure:dyne -

ALSA and JACK need to be running first

Running scsynth: how to configure and run the synthesis server

Running sclang: how to configure and run the language application

Class Library Configuration: how to configure what sclang compiles during startup

first steps with supercollider on linux: get some audio, quickly

Linux FAQ

scfront: a TCL/TK frontend for SuperCollider

sced: gedit plugin for using SuperCollider under GNOME

SuperCollider Emacs

SCUM: a GUI framework for SuperCollider

SC3 Linux wishlist / bugs

information about RTF on Linux : most of the documentation comes in RTF format

Some code that runs under Linux

debian package

trying to install linux on g5 (PPC 970 dual)

Some Classes for Linux

Autoboot into emacs -sclang

SC3 Linux Exits: external links to tutorials, documentation and other sites of interest for linux users

The main SuperCollider swiki page on this wiki.

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