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soundrelated linux kernel patches

current approach:

As of now (Dec. 2009) most people will run a 2.6 kernel that does not necessarily be patched anymore.

A minimal way to achieve results in tuning a linux system for audio might be done by setting appropriate limits for your audio group in /etc/security/limits.conf:

@audio - rtprio 80
@audio - memlock 250000
@audio - nice -10

Further interesting lowlatency-related topics that include hints on kernel compilation can be found in the alsa wiki.

heavily recommended:
The lck patch already includes the low latency and preemptible patches as well as other interesting stuff (i.e. variable HZ + 64bit jiffies).

The capabilities patch enables your system to run some parts with elevated privileges without compromising security. (Better than running everything as root)

ftp site (down? old ?)
FIXME: no urls found.
well, it will also run without it...

Planet CCRMA has more info on linux kernel tweaks.

Gentoo has an overlay called proaudio here using Ingo Molnars real-time Kernel patches

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