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Class Library Configuration

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Default compiler search path

By default, SC looks in the following places for class files:
Subdirectories named 'test' or 'help' (case insensitive) are ignored, 'osx', 'linux' and 'windows' (case sensitive) are processed on the respective platform only. See also extension paths.
The installation step of the build process puts the class library in one of the standard places in $PREFIX, so a default installation should be ready to go. The library configuration file described below is mainly intended for more complex setups, possibly in a heterogenous multi-user environment.

Library Configuration File

Bits and pieces of SC's class library can be in-/excluded by creating a library configuration file. A default configuration file is included in the distribution:
It should be copied to either /etc/sclang.cfg or ~/.sclang.cfg after installation. You can pass an alternative configuration file on the command line with the -l option. The search order for the library configuration is:
 command line, $PWD/.sclang.cfg, $HOME/.sclang.cfg, /etc/sclang.cfg
The first valid file encountered is used.

Library Configuration File Syntax

The library configuration file consists of simple directives of which files and directories to in-/exclude during the library compilation.


# include my own library


Example Library Configuration

An example library configuration file can be found in linux/examples/sclang.cfg and can be used as a basis for your own personal configuration; you need to put it in one of the places mentioned in the previous section, e.g. /etc/sclang.cfg or ~/.sclang.cfg

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