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how to contribute

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                                             anything unclear? feel free to ask
see also scwiki FAQ
The nice thing about the swiki pages is that you can contribute easily, using plain text,
with some simple optional formatting rules, or alternatively html code.
Everything can be undone and page titles can be changed anytime without messing up the link system.

The good thing is that there are only few possible mistakes,
almost all of which are summarized below under Problems.

you can:

for the login and password, check out the supercollider help files ("more on help")

[easy start (redirected) | how to put up files ]

See the help for further details.


Warning: Make sure when using Netscape to save your change before you resize your window, otherwise the page will be reloaded and your text is gone.

one problem is often that certain characters are interpreted as formatting tags. this is specially relevant for *, > and <. Use the html equivalents for these characters if you want them to o appear on the page. Alternatively,
&lt; for < (less than)
&gt; for > (greater than)
&star; for *
&at;   for @
&amp;  for &

also it is possible to use SimpleText2Html, it is shareware,
then you can just paste the resulting code into the edit window or upload it to the swiki as a file.
( which is easy, looks good, but is hard to edit for others as it is in html )
SimpletextToHtml has a little bug though, it sets the font size in pt, which should be px, so this has to be changed in a text editor in case.
an example

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