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easy start

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scwiki FAQ


In order to see how to edit pages easily,
just click on "edit" now (in the top menu) and you see
that this text is just plain text.

the following section is some code:
 { * }.play;

New Page

to create a new page, just put your pagename between stars: enter..
If that name is used already, it is a link to that page, otherwise you'll be able to create a new page after you saved once.

test normal

(If you want to lock your code, so nobody can mess it up (something that usually doesn't happen anyway) you can click on "lock" and enter a password for your page. Don't worry about mistakes too much, it is all undoable. )


best thing is first to create a new page and then upload to that page, so that later on contributions/examples can be added to that page. Trick: call your supercollider files something.txt or something.rtf and you'll be able to view them directly in the browser as well as download them and use them as ordinary sc files: Missing File (/MusicTechnology/uploads/untitled.txt)

that's about it. for more see how to contribute

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