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MIDI In Channelscanner SC2

in order to find out on what channel the midievents come in:
//______MIDI In Channelscanner:
var func, min, max;
func = { arg chan;
                var env;
                env = Env.linen(1, 1, 1);
      { arg voicer, i, synth, deltaTime, channel, note, velocity;
                              , 0.2, 0.1), + 24).midicps));
        }, 1, chan, 2)  

scope({{ arg sp, i;
        var ch;
        ch = i.wrap(min, max-1);
        ("channel: " ++ ch).postln;
        },1,  3)


this is stil very basic.

if you have other tools of any use, please contribute.
how to contribute (redirected)

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