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Just In Time Programming

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Disclaimer: there is no time, really. Your punctuality is your personal responsibility though.

Just in time programming (or: live coding, interactive programming, on-the-fly-programming, realtime programming ) is a paradigm that includes the programming activity itself in the program's operation. This means a program is not seen as a tool that is made first, then to be productive, but a dynamic construction process of description and conversation - writing code becomes a closer part of musical practice. SuperCollider, being a dynamic programming language, provides several possibilities for modification of a running program - this library attempts to extend, simplify and develop them, mainly by providing placeholders (proxies) that can be modified and used in calcuations while playing. There is some specific networking classes which are made to simplify the distribution of live coding activity.

about just in time programming in general: live coding
or also: live coding with SuperCollider

browse the sources online (well if you really want to..)
one of the first versions, developed in 2000: Parcel (SC3d)

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