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first time: introductory code example using jitlib

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One element in jitlib is a referential system of placeholders
for remote audio processes, as well as for local tasks.
These placeholders (proxies) can form a network of interdependent
sound processes which can be exchanged on the fly.

the environment which is used, called ProxySpace, returns such placehoders, called a NodeProxy, on accessing.

p = ProxySpace.push(s);; 

now various functions can be assigned to this playing process:
~out = { ! 2) *,1) } ;
~out = { + 400) *,1) };
~freq = { ! 2).range(400,1000) };

similarly other placeholders for processes are provided, which allow to work with code directly rather than first constructing a graphical interface to control a running process.

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