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MyRibosome (old page)

see: myRibosome
ProteinBioSynthesis (old)

                MyRibosome.sit.hqx (Codename Wolperdinger)

MyRibosome is a software to analyse genetic data and convert it to
musical parameters. This application acts like a ribosome in a cell
that translates the bases of the incoming RNA into aminoacids that form
the components of the folded protein chains.

The mapping of each proteins to each sound can be adjusted in the
lower right section of the interface. To preview, click on the current aminoacid
When running, this option will print the names of all aminoacids currently in the buffer.

MyRibosome can read the standard genetic database files as to be found at:
The convention is lowercase letters, start and stopcodons are used
as if present to account for various forms of life.

The numbered checkboxes have following functions:
1: Toggle the basedrum on/off
2: Toggle the hihat on/off
3: Toggle the delay on/off
4: Transpose

If 'gang' is selected, the sound parameters of all proteins can be moved together
Randomize will vary the data in the current protein, if 'gang' is selected,
it randomizes all data, keeping most datasets quiet in order to cause more beauty

It is recommended to use 'loop' to sample and hold the last 16 triplets,
whereby mutate can be used to flip random aminoacids.
To automate mutation as it happens in nature under the influence of heat,
light and radioactivity, move up the slider beneath.

To save the current content of the buffer, use 'print buffer' - You can later
save the output and open it as genome data file.

This program uses SCPlay, (c) JamesMcCartney,
(c) Julian Rohrhuber 2001, mail: jrh
sources of the genetic mapping algorithm must be kept with the application.

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