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testing SCPlay

Here is a simple test Default.lib for SCPlay2.2.10 (or myRibosome)


it should simply play a sinetone on opening.

AdC wrote:

if you get an out of memory error,
you might consider the incompatibility issue
between SCplay apps and the extension
"USB Floppy Enabler" by PACE, which e.g. the
free version of ProTools 5.0 installs.

When USB Floppy Enabler is on, our app library
(larger than SCplay's default (demo) library)
stops loading with the following error:

SuperCollider Player 2.2.10, ...


Prefs :
hardware = Apple Sound Manager
sampleRate = 44100
clockSource = 0
bufSize = 512
defaultBlockSize = 64
OMS Ports:
port 0 –> SYNC MTC CLK 'FastLane'


OMS init
NumPrimitives = 413
īDANGER: OUT of MEMORY. Operation failed.

Note that this SCplay's default library will start up fine.
the bug only happens with SCplay and a pretty large
compressed library.

However, it seems likely that having USB Floppy Enabler on
can make SC itself more prone to crashing.

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