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SuperCollider3 to do list

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[SuperCollider3 to do list]
[SuperCollider3 suggestions]

does .write itself work ? (non-real time rendering)
  ->no .write-support.
  ->for Non realtime rendering see the NRT-synthesis Helpfile for details

  ->This could be possible with scsynth linked into the language app.
  -> Using the language-internal Server it is possible to .scope all signals (kr/ar)

  ->working, via ~instrument.  not sure if they work via ~ugenFunc
  ->perhaps some new toying to be done with the new toys.

  ->~ugenFunc doesn't work for the same reason as Spawn. 
  ->As is, it would require runtime creation of synths.
  ->would be inneficient. use SoundDef instead

Sequencer doesn't work, true?
    you can use with a phasor or other kind of ugens

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