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Noise (SC3d5)

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There are various special Noise UGens that can be used either as audio signals (.ar) or as controls (.kr) for randomizing processes.
You can find the descriptions by James McCartney for the Noise UGens on

There are many ways to make a new noise function that controls a value.
Using the message poll and a Plug UGen, things like the following can be done, for example:

//make noise (sc3d5)
var noisef;
noisef = { arg group, freq;  //freq is meant as update period like in LFNoise
            var plug, out, src;
            plug =;
            src =, 0.3, 1.2));
            group.sched(0, inf {
                       plug.source = src.poll.rand;
{, noisef.value(thisGroup,[0.3, 3]))200+410, 0.4, 0.1)

Using Patterns as Noise Source
How to create noise with electromechanic devices

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