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boolean networks

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patterns that implement boolean networks,
rewritten after the original implementation (here)
by Sekhar Ramakrishnan

helpfile: Pboolnet.rtf

helpfile is the original helpfile by SR, slightly modified (less loud, e.g.)


(true.or(false)).postln; true
(false.or(true)).postln; true

(true.xor(false)).postln; true
(false.xor(true)).postln; true

(true.and(false)).postln; false
(false.and(true)).postln; false

(true.not(false)).postln; false
(false.not(true)).postln; true

Uploaded Image: xx3.gif


0 = x(x-1)

multiplication: "and",
-1: "not"
0: "false"
1: "true"

false = x and not x

i.e. true and false are mutually exclusive, something
(according to this bivalent logic) can not be true and false at the same time.
excluded middle

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