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                      also see: 
                      Computer Acoustics Resources
                      Sound Software / Hardware
                      the techdoc swiki faq/info for systems and configuration
                      the technoterroristen swiki
                      installing mac os

Tinnitus information [d]
Random Number Generators


Squeak Links
cybergeography, visualizing the internet:
links for online scientific publication
The Social Navigation Swiki
broadcast and electronic media department
a dvd glossary:

electronics and a lot more:
constructivism ressources
some Mac OS X hacks: http:/techdoc/38
some wierd sound sites

collections of Hello World Programs
How to shoot yourself in the foot

Literature: essays about media topics
Rudy Rucker
Esperanto FAQ
the expert

the most wellknown german html guide:

Arts and Science
Can Science Be Used To Further Our Understanding Of Art?
The Free Online Scholarship Newsletter
public library of science

3D links

some film theory links

media arts:
"a web site devoted to young women in high school and college who are interested in music and art, whether it be
choral or instrumental, pottery or drawing, and who also like math, science, and computers."

sound art:
"One of the first ambient and industrial music labels. They have re-released some of the defunct Rough Trade catalog. Located in Belgium."
"official website for computer musician kiku hibino also known as oto. sub rosa artist. "

This place here:
Some other swikis on this site.
Institut für Telenautik: an experimental internet radio station
Garage: an experimental media lab (swiki:Institut)
Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg

His Master's Voice
voice over at gatech
magnetic liquids

low latency audio information pages
Midi and Softsynths Howto

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