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extension paths

1. Create the following directories and put your personal sources in there:

The installer will place Psycollider.exe in C:\Program Files\PsyCollider\ which implies that the
extensions / plugins / Quarks would be placed in C:\Program Files\PsyCollider\Extensions but this
is not the case.

In the "Psycollider Post Window" hit "F1", go to the section "Extending SC", and click on the
"Using Extensions" link. The Help file _might_ not have been converted properly but is useful
nonetheless! You will see the directories for "OS X" and "Linux" but they are not provided for
Windows, instead there is SC code in it's place.


System-wide (apply to all users):

Highlight (left-click and move mouse) over the commands and then press CTRL-Enter and the "Psycollider Post Window"
will print out the directories that you must use.

[Help Window] Platform.systemExtensionDir
[Psycollider Post Window] C:\SuperCollider\Extensions

Even though the PsyCollider-3.2 Installer places the Psycollider program in C:\Program Files\PsyCollider\ you can NOT
create an "Extensions" directory there (Psycollider does not compile it), simply highlight the above commands (in the
Psycollider Help window, not on your Internet Explorer window) and the "Psycollider Post Window" will display the
location where PsyCollider is going to look for extensions / plugins / Quarks . You need to quit and restart Psycollider
and then you will see:

compiling class library..
NumPrimitives = 500
compiling dir: 'C:\Program Files\PsyCollider\SCClassLibrary'
compiling dir: 'C:\SuperCollider\Extensions'
pass 1 done

Not quite the same as the advice given on page:

     /Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions
     ~/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/Extensions

2. The sclang-compiler skips directories that case insensitively match
"help" and "test". This allows extension directories to include
ordinary SuperCollider files (.sc files), to be used for test and
help purposes, without requiring the user to specifically exclude or
include particular files or directories.

It is also possible to insert .scx files to the system by putting them into the above listed directories.

added by till
usingmail archive entry>


As a quick and easy alternative, you can put your class files into your SCClassLibrary folder, of course.

Note on Note

This is as quick and easy as putting them into the extension paths listed above, but even more dirty, since you

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