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SuperColliderServer (SC3)

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sc info | Wikipedia's article on SuperCollider

SC3 is the current version of SuperCollider.
it is open source and can be downloaded from sourceforge

for supported systems etc. see downloading SuperCollider

Note that it is still under development, and the documentation is sometimes incomplete. Nevertheless it works well. There are somethings that are still changing, mainly the Pattern system.

The program consists of two application, a client (that is the language)
and a server (that is the audio, the number crunching)
multiple servers and multiple clients can communicate via Open Sound Control

documentation that is included in the distribution.
you can get help by cmd-?

the SuperCollider language (sclang) implements many useful and interesting features from other languages. Although the general look reminds of C, the class structure is that of a classic smalltalk with dynamic typing. But there are also many qualities that resemble functional languages - SC1 was similar to Scheme. Recently there have been implemented features from the language J.

// a code example of array iteration
var a;
a = Array.rand(16, 0.0, 16.0); // fill an array of size 16 with random vaues
b = (1..16);		// create an array with subsequent values from 1 to 16 { arg item, i;
	if(b[i] > a[i]) { a[i] = b[i] } { b[i] = a[i] }
a.round(1) + b.round(1)

sc3 pics pre

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