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how it was used to be downloaded in cvs

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Please note

This information is for historical purposes only. For current info see Downloading and compiling the SuperCollider 3 sources (os x).

Anonymous CVS checkout

(for developer checkout see sourceforge help)

go to the directory where you want to put SuperColliderServer (SC3). cvs will create a SuperCollider3 directory there:
cd ~/dev

Then type the following command:
cvs login

When cvs asks for the password, just press enter and wait for the prompt to return.
The next command will take some time as it checks out all the files for the project.
cvs -z3 co SuperCollider3

You should see lines like the following:
cvs server: Updating SuperCollider3
U SuperCollider3/.DS_Store
U SuperCollider3/COPYING

If you get "connection reset by peer", just try again. This is probably server traffic problems (You might also have to try the login again).FAQ

After this you will have the project in a folder named SuperCollider3.

Updating from cvs

to update, from the same location, change into the now-existing SuperCollider3 directory and do
cvs -z3  update -dP
gets the most recent update, builds all 3 projects in order and launches SuperCollider. You may enjoy tea or coffee in the meanwhile.

cvs update
cd ../SC3synth.pbproj
pbxbuild -activetarget -buildstyle "Deployment" build
cd ../SC3plugins.pbproj
pbxbuild -activetarget -buildstyle "Deployment" build
cd SC3lang.pbproj
pbxbuild -activetarget -buildstyle "Deployment" build
open ../build/

save this as in your SC folder, chmod a+x to make it executible and run it by invoking: ./

this happens regularly due to high load on sf server. wait and try again.
or you can type:
until cvs update; do sleep 100; done;

(an wait till it works)

CVS settings

i strongly recommend putting this:
diff -pRbBrHEAD
update -dP
history -c

in your ~/.cvsrc file
this will make these the default flags for these commands.

diff will always compare with the most recent version. it will go recursively from your current directory on down. the other flags improve the readibility.
Q quiet
p show which C function (or sc class !)
R recursive
bB ignore white space changes

update will prune folders that have had their contents removed. this is a common problem with CVS, its tricky to remove things.

history will show everybody's history, not just your own.


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