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Handheld / portable SuperCollider

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For those who would like to use SuperCollider on a bus/train/etc. Handheld SC is currently only very experimental and there are few people doing it. One of the big problems is that many small devices lack an FPU which would hinder sc running greatly (discussion aug 07). Here are some systems that have been discussed:
SystemOSSC statusAdvantagesDisadvantagesNotes
Asus Eee PC Xandros linux (others installable) Running (can install via apt-get) Benchmarks
iPhone (Apple phone) Mac OSX Not yet running. iPhone apps can communicate (using OSC) with sc running on other systems Will probably inherit some advantages from Mac OSX desktop SC (?) SDK not (yet?) publicDoes have FPU (I think)
Nokia N800 series "internet tablet"Maemo (Debian-based Linux) ?
GP2X (handheld games console) Custom Linux ? No keyboard; not rechargeable; no FPU
OpenMoko Neo1973 (open linux phone) OpenMoko linux; can also run Qtopia ? Runs X window server for GUI apps Not clear if it has an FPU; probably not, based around ARM920T
Sharp Zaurus (1990s Linux PDAs) Qtopia-based Embedix Plus, other linuxes flashable ? No FPU; discontinued
? Android linux Extremely unlikely Android apps are Java apps converted with Dalvik bytecode; extremely unlikely SC will be ported to this

Handhelds/portables in general

Any system that can run a mainstream flavour of Linux (e.g. a Debian-based flavour such as Ubuntu) can probably run SC straightforwardly. The Asus Eee PC is an example of such a system.

Implausible handheld/portable systems for running SC:

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