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Supercollider shortcuts

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All SuperCollider shortcuts across three supported platforms

adc, p.plessas, 3/2007

Functions                      OSX          Win         emacs

Open text document             cmd-o        ctl-o       C-x C-f  
New text document              cmd-n        ctl-n       (open non-existent file w. new name)  
Close text document            cmd-w        ctl-w       C-x k
Save text document             cmd-s        ctl-s		C-x C-s
Save text document as          cmd-sh-s     ctl-sh-s    C-x C-w 
  HTML doc window -> code win               Ctl-t
Text Editing:
Undo                           cmd-z        ctl-z       C-x u
Redo                           cmd-sh-Z     ctl-y
Copy                           cmd-c        ctl-c       M-w
Paste                          cmd-v        ctl-v       C-y
Cut                            cmd-x        ctl-x       C-w
select all                     cmd-a        ctl-a
goto line ...                  cmd-,
Find ...                       cmd-f                    C-s
Find next                      cmd-g                    C-s
replace and find next          cmd-l                    M-%
find previous                  cmd-d
replace                        cmd-=
copy text style only           cmd-alt-c
paste text style only          cmd-alt-v
Language-Specific Commands: 
Interpret Selection            enter       ctl-enter    C-c C-x
Interpret current line         enter       ctl-enter    C-c C-c
stop                           cmd-.       alt-.        C-c C-s
Run Main-run                   cmd-r       alt-r        C-c C-r
recompile library              cmd-k       alt-k        C-c C-l (fails often (3/07))
clear post window              cmd-sh-K    alt-p        C-c <
Open Help File                 cmd-?       F1           C-c C-h
Open Class Definition          cmd-j       alt-j        C-c :
(look up class file, either    
Class name or Class:method)
e.g. Object, Object:dump
Implementations of             cmd-y       alt-y        ?
  (which objects have code                 (broken in 
  that defines methods,                    dec06 v)
  e.g. 'play')
References to (where in the    cmd-sh-Y    alt-sh-Y     C-c ;
  source files is e.g. the                 (broken in 
  method 'play' used?)                     dec06 v)
Syntax Colorise                cmd-'
Balance (find next matched     cmd-sh-B
  parens/curly braces and 
  select everything enclosed)
Comment (add // in front)      cmd-/
Uncomment (remove //s)         cmd-sh-/
Shift left (move selected      cmd-[
  text by one tab)
Shift right (by one tab)       cmd-]
Insert (): enclose             cmd-(
  selected text with (txt)
Insert []: enclose             cmd-alt-[
  selected text with [txt]
Insert {}: enclose             cmd-{
  selected text with {txt}
Insert /**/:           cmd-*
enclose selected text with /*txt*/

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