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Advice for running SC in installations

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Many people use SC as part of multimedia installations. Sometimes they share some of the wisdom they have accumulated, on how to do this well. The sc-users list is a good place to overhear this wisdom. Some tips collected here:

Overnight shutdowns

Advice from Sciss:

Advice from David

Checking for server crashes and dealing with them

These won't happen often, of course :) but installations typically need a lot of uptime when you add it all up, so you need to be prepared.

One way to watch for a server crash (recommended by Sciss):

Updater( Server.default, { arg server, what ... args; if( what ===
\serverRunning and: { server.serverRunning.not }, { "Yukk, gotta
reboot!".debug })});

...and modified by felix so it doesn't panic too quickly (the server may occasionally fail to respond quickly, e.g. if loading lots of buffers)...
Updater(server,{ arg s, message;
                               if(message == \serverRunning and: {s.serverRunning.not},{
                                       AppClock.sched(5.0,{ // don't panic too quickly
                                                       "Server dead ?".inform;
                                                       //this.cmdPeriod; // stop everything, she's dead

Remove the updater before you quit the server when the installation is shut down (i assume it's shut down once a day? i would recommend this!>). i recommend setting Server -> aliveThreadPeriod to something like 2 seconds so in case the server gets really busy by accident, it doesn't cause your code to try to boot and reinitialize everything.

Here's another way (by Joshua):

a = {
	my 40-50 lines of code;

a.value; // run the piece{
				("Rebooted at " ++ Date.getDate).postln;
			}, {
			"still running".postln; // don't actually include this... just  
handy to make sure the Routine works
		10.wait; // do this every 10 seconds


(Recommended by Sciss):

here's my code for that:

	// note : must be called on the AppClock thread
	*storePostWin {
		var d, f;
		d = Document.listener;
		try {
			f = File( dataFolder ++ "log" ++ Date.getDate.stamp ++ ".txt", "w" );
			f.write( d.text );
		} {
			arg error; error.postln;

and the shutdown method:

	shutDown { arg powerDown = true;
		"Cleaning up...".inform;
		... (your clean up code here)

		"Quitting server...".inform;
		"Storing post window log...".inform;
		if( powerDown, {
			"Shutting down computer...".inform;
			unixCmd( "osascript -e 'tell application \"Finder\" to shut down'" );

If your machine's on internet, you can send your logs per email ;-)) i have never done this though

Configuring things for stability

Sciss said::

David said:

Tommi said::


(Recommended by Sciss):

Autoboot Linux SC

See here: Autoboot into emacs -sclang

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