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using Instr as templates for SynthDefs that can be used in Patterns

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The Instr class that is part of crucial library can be used to generate
SynthDefs by combining modular parts.

Here is a class that makes this easier and more expressive. [jrh]


////// this doesn't work reliably yet //////

it can be used like this:


Instr(\sine, { arg freq=440, amp=0.1; * amp });
Instr(\panner, { arg input, pan=0;, pan) });

PatchSynthDef("test", [\panner, [\sine, 700], 0]).store;

x = Synth("test");
x.set(\out, 4);
x.set(\out, 0);

PatchSynthDef("test", { arg freq=800;	
	[\panner, [\sine, freq * [1, 1.2], 0.1], 0]

x = Synth("test");
x.set(\freq, 500);

	\instrument, \test,
	\degree, Prand([0, 3, 5], inf),
	\dur, 0.3

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