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GTK and SC

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Attached to this page you'll find a tarball containing working GTK+ bindings for Supercollider that I developed at the end of 2003.

This is not a release and it's not something that the a normal user can compile and run. I won't support this code in this sense.
I can only provide help to developers willing to maintain, improve and keep it up to date.

Here you can see the language application with few things running:

Uploaded Image: SCandGtk.jpg

there is the main console output view, a project window, a class library browser, a server control panel and an envelope editor with its preset manager.

These bindings include an asyncronous interface at level of single library calls. Special care has been taken in the interface between the GObject object and signaling systems and the sclang interpreter.
This code covers (in variable percentages) the following APIs: Gtk+, Gdk, GObject, Pango, GtkSourceView, libglade, libxml.

Many Gtk+ classes have convenience methods that are not present in the original API.

Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu.

Two missing classes that must be put in the SomeMore folder:

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