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Signals and Systems (A. V. Oppenheim, A. S. Willsky) – classic textbook on continuous-/discrete-time system theory
Introduction to Signal Processing (S. J. Orfanidis) – excellent introductory DSP textbook, C and Matlab code examples
Elements of Computer Music (F. R. Moore) – outstanding introduction to all aspects of computer music (out of print)
Signal Processing, Speech and Music (Stan Tempelaars) – comprehensive introduction, the sonology-bible

a linkpage on Laplace Transforms:
a couple of good dsp webpages: ( is closed now.)
and a lot of dsp-pdfs:
for gurus© only:
Computer Music Links by Phil Burk:
direct fourier transform:
Rice DSP Publications Archive:
Bookmarks for Hendrik Purwins:
Biquad filter implementation:
dsp books overview:
a good paper on ambisonics:

Lossless Compression:

various sound synthesis publications

real sound synthesis using granular synthesis:
synthesis techniques (J.Clark) nordmodularbook

Physical Modeling:

Julius Smith Homepage:
many links on pm:
speech synthesis:
guitar synthesis in sc:
an impulse response collection of Elveden Hall by Matt Rogalsky

Computer Science: a very interesting wiki about programming languages ("PeopleProjectsAndPatterns in SoftwareDevelopment.")
Smalltalk and Squeak
Squeak: Object-oriented design with multimedia applications (Mark Guzdial) – Overview about Squeak and OOD, CD included (Squeak 2.7 and examples) nice foreword from Alan Kay, which also can be found at

Audiovisual Performance, Instruments for Electroacoustic Music, Gestural Interfaces

Golan Levin's work on Audiovisual Performance at MIT:

History of Science

Mathemaics, Algorithms, Chaos Theory

Famous Unsolved Mathematical Problems:
The Transition to Chaos:
Nonlinear Physics and Fluid Dynamics Lab, Haverford College:
Thinking Recursively (ISBN 0-471-81652-3), Eric Roberts, "a small text to solve large problems", John Wiley & Sons.
Papers on L-Systems:


software for study of animal behaviour:
biologic auditory models:

Visualizing Data Structures

Visualizing Distributed Algorithms:

Flavor (Formal Language for Audio-Visual Object Representation) is an object-oriented media
representation language being developed at Columbia University. It is designed as an extension of Java
and C++ and simplifies the development of applications that involve a significant media processing
component (encoding, decoding, editing, manipulation, etc.) by providing bitstream representation


speech synthesis


a paper on Investigating inter-cultural music perception: Messiaen's "Le Loriot" and Afghan reception of birdsong
John Baily, Goldsmiths College, University of London

the new prime number algorithm by Manindra Agrawal, Neeraj Kayal, and Nitin Saxena of the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur
A Bibliography of Non-English European Resources on Vampires in Literature,
Folklore, and Popular Culture:


Composition in the CCRMA

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