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Audio Interfaces for SuperCollider

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a good rundown of lots of interfaces:

These are interfaces that will or will not work with SC2. os9.2
By extension, Max/MSP usually has the same results/problems.

a list of interfaces

MOTU 828 8x8 firewire, 24bit/48kHz, spdif, adat, 2 mic pres fullrack motuaudio $689 chad kirby has had good results. jem finer hated it. felix found that he could get more sounds from sound manager than with the 828 ! after 90% peak cpu, the 828 cuts out the sound completely. sound manager and other interfaces can gracefully deal with momentary cpu higher than 100%.
METRIC HALO MOBILE I/O 2882 (+DSP) 8X8 firewire, 24bit/96kHz, AES/EBU, spdif, adat, 8 mic pres, word clock i/o full rack, but light $1400 Jeremy Zuckerman: works fine with SC; MAC ONLY
METRIC HALO MOBILE I/O 2882 (without DSP) 8X8 firewire, 24bit/96kHz, AES/EBU, spdif, adat, 8 mic pres, word clock i/o full rack, but light $1100 Julian: works fine with SC, very good sound and well designed driver software. can be operated without power supply. MAC ONLY
presonus firebox 24bit/96kHz, 6in/10out, firewire, bus powered, small rugged box w 2 phantom powered mic inputs, which is nice for recording anywhere. you can get 8 chans output by assigning spdif out to phones output. € 333 adc: zero installation latency, not good at very low latencies: minimum hardwarebuffersize 256 for stable sound (glitches when opening/closing apps while running at 60%). this is similar with builtin, so I suspect it is the default driver that is repsonsible. measured latency at 256 is 19.3 msec, i.e. not good enough for triggered live things with drummers. seems to sound quite good (need more linstening time)

::::::::::::laptop card
RME Multiface + pcmcia CardBus Interface card 8x8 + midi + adat + spdif + 24bit/96kHz, half rack  1025 Euro suggested retail price :: e805 / $785 with shipping at SFB in Holland works with SC well
digigram VX pocket 2x2, 24bit/48kHz, pcmcia card breakout cables $499 ben mintyfresh uses one: uses almost half the cpu that the apple soundmanager uses. A friend accidentally put phantom power on and it fried the card. bad design.

::::::::::::::USB am i right to be suspicious of all USB interfaces ? yes, but some do work well.
M-AUDIO QUATRO 4-in/4-out audio interface with MIDI and USB $259 several people use it with SC. j.segel could not get it to work at all with sc or max/msp, new drivers or something ?
Digidesign mbox USB 2 channels, 24bit, 44 or 48k. j.segel : with the newer Digi CoreAudio multi-client drivers it has worked as input and output for MAX/MSP and Supercollider.
Swissonics USB Studio  USB 2 mic, 4 line, tape input with phono preamp ! fullrack  $699  no SC info.  

various roland USB things i refuse to call them ediroll. that's just stupid.
emagic 2/6 2 ins, 6 outs. all unbalanced RCA, +2.2dbu, spdif, headphone 16/24bit 44.1/96kHz size of a video tape $US359.00 (retail) lee uses one, see emagic 26 issues
tascam 428 4 in 2 out 24bit, xlr/trs un/balanced, midi, 8 faders, knobs, jogwheel size of a small mixer/4 track $ US 625 list Ezekiel uses one with sc

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