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about the sc-swiki

This is an open, editable webspace. For the password, see the supercollider helpfiles, or send a mail (jrh).
A work or text that is published here, can be licenced in any desired way (copyright is with the author by default).

For examples of possible licences see:

If you experience a class or a patch not to function, please inform the author, this can be very helpful.
Please read the general information / discaimers

As there are quite a few changes in supercollider from version 2 to version 3,
some patches might not work in one of the versions.
There many patches are for sc3d, which is in itself quite different to both other versions
but does work and has graphic support. It will not be developed further.

The Music and Film Technology swiki was formerly hosted at the
State Institute for Music Research in Berlin and we are happy to
be able to host it here now.

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