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general swiki information / disclaimer

[info/disclaimer: deutsche version | see an overview of the swikis on this site]

Please Note:The swiki pages on this are published solely on noncommercial scientific and artistic basis. It is part of the project that anyone who wishes can change the contents in whatever way. Although we reserve the right to undo certain changes, there is no general control of the content and we are not to be made responsible for any inconvenience of any kind.

You are welcome to contribute to any of the hfbk swiki pages.
Ha! How do i actually add to these pages ?
What does "swiki" mean?

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  • The Music and Film Technology swiki was formerly hosted at the State Institute for Music Research in Berlin and we are happy to be able to host it here now. It is located in the diffusion field between art and media technology, many pages are dedicated to programming.

  • the Institut swiki is combining conceptual arts and experimental broadcasting.

  • Home Swiki provides webspace and playground for students and others.

  • Some current seminars that use swiki in any way are on seminare, some current projects on projects swiki.

  • aktuell deals with general current issues.

  • There is a projects wiki that hosts various smaller sites.

  • For technical information, there is a swiki called techdoc and for conceptual works about the phenomenon of terrorism in the computer world, there is a technoterroristen swiki in construction.

  • Even more, there is a place to dump any data, just as you wish: Halde

  • There is a group of people that founded the Drawish Community Church that has declared the absolute truth of the pen to the worlds.

  • Several projects organize and present their work on this server:
    • a swiki about inner topology, called Entepokon
    • http:/contour, an exhibitive excursion to paris
    • http:/ordalia, the homepage of a band partly based in this institution
    • http:/spechtprojekt, an experimental seminar that dealt with knocking and space
    • http:/thru_star_bridge, a sensor-based realtime sound/video installation un der a railway bridge
    • If you want to play around in usual or unusual ways, we can recommend the Tee swiki.

swiki administrators:
Julian Rohrhuber rohrhuber at,
Tilo Kremer kremer at, hfbk dash
Ulf Freyhoff ulf.freyhoff at,
Iannis Zannos iani at,

this swiki is reachable as: / /

other (s)wiki sites
a swiki faq and information can be found at
an over view of the internal swiki structure

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