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Customizing your Default Library (basics)

by crucial____ (

Smalltalks are very personal programming environments. You easily have full access to any basic component of the system. You can alter the behavior of Object or SequenceableCollection. You can break everything. You can easily make your ideas and Classes isolated and impossible (or annoying) to share with others.
You can gum up the basic structure (eg. Object) with lots of isolated-project specific functions.

(specifics pertain to SC2)

When SC compiles the library, it looks for a folder called Default Library. Inside that folder is an alias to the folder Common, wherein reside all the standard distributed classes.

Files in your Default Library will override files of identical name in the Common folder.

This is very useful, as you can 'save as...' a standard class file (like and put your own copy in your own Default Library, and not have to mess with the original distribution.

Multiple classes may appear in a file. However, all classes in a file should all subclass the same Class. Otherwise the compiler is unable to untangle the web of subclassing, and complains that is unable to locate the superclass.... (even though YOU can plainly see it).

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