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The SuperCollider Home Page :

An html documentation of many files included in the SC distribution:

The SuperCollider mailing list. For registered users - ask James McCartney. or search the archive of the list

Japanese SC Site

the sc project at sourceforge:

The SuperCollider (Version 1) tutorial. This version is in many ways different from version 2/3 and is interesting maybe from a historical point of view.

The Unofficial SuperCollider Home Page:" maintained by Ichiro Fujinaga at the Computer Music Department of the Peabody Conservatory of Music, Baltimore.

The Steven Travis Pope Homepage

Vocoders and Vocoder-Derivatives with SuperCollider by Gary Morrison

The Synthesis Theory Course of fall 1998 by Ichiro Fujinaga at Peabody

An old SuperCollider FAQ at: http://www.hyperweb.comSuperCollider/

some valuable class extensions and a nice site:

Lee Azzarello has a hotline server for sharing code (SC/MAX) Lee Azzarello:

Nick Collins (bbcut, interactive evolution, reverb and tutorials)

Department of Music Central Washington University:

Professor Nathan Phillips, Keio Univeristy:

Synthesis Theory at Peabody:

Electronic (Experimental) Music Studio, BYU:

Dartmouth College: / (Main Page), Larry Polansky SC2 Examples:

A simple MacOS X Cocoa CoreAudio demo application by JMcC.

SuperCollider Socks :

Illposed Software by c.ramakrishnan

SuperCollider Working Group at Princeton Univ. by Newton Armstrong
tutorial files by Nick Collins and Fredrik Olofsson

Owain Rich's hotline server for chatting and code sharing: hotline://guest:guest@

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