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Public Killer Satellite Service

                                                                                      public space news/messages

Public space, one could say, is dominated by the law of conquering.
Nobody would deny that politeness ends where two anonymous persons
all of a sudden share a piece of public space for longer than, say
an average elevator ride. This only changes when there is an outer
enemy that forces everybody to identify with each other, enjoying
together the chill of alien intrusion. This is an unbearable situation
and as a solution the muli-player ego-shooter game was invented.

Of course in most cases this type of game is only a one-to-one transcription
of the idea of competition, which everybody understands easily, but
in some cases the situation breaks open and reveals the paradox of
the topology of public space.

In order to give a faint echo of that feeling together with the homely
atmosphere of a face-to-face interstellar space battle,
Hamburg University has installed a hyperspace killer satellite that anyone can use
to try out the newest weapon technology available. Bandwidth is responsible for
the rather poor though realistic audio quality feedback you can hear
at about five to ten seconds delay due to the structural distance.
You can also upload soundfiles (.wav format) and play them online to share
increased individuality.

The Satellite

In the current impementation the killer satellite broadcasts
a calm hum that might get corroded by occasional hits.
With a certain probability the use of one of the four weapons
will result in one or the other devastation.
The firing decreases the available energy and when the level
is not any more tolerable, the satellite will recharge ('loading').


the service will be running on 1st Dec 01,
from 23 pm cet for a couple of hours and
on specific request.

the ip: (control) (information)
public space (swiki pages)

paste into your real audio player:

for a chat:

Technical Specifications:

Using javascript and cgi, a Delphi application
converts the user input to open sound control
mesages that are sent to the SuperCollider
killer satellite application. The audio ouput
is broadcast by a real audio server.

babelfish translates to german once again


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