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Technical Specifications

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how does it work ?

all functions on this page are running on a distributed system consisting of two pcs running windows and one macintosh running supercollider.

public space lasergun control:

the web surface is a javascript that was originally for selecting rgb color values inside a web page. the values chosen are transmitted to a cgi-enabled delphi software running on a pc, which creates an udp message in osc (open sound control) protocol, which is sent to a macintosh running the actual sound generator that is written in supercollider. weapon presets are stored in cookies on the web client machine.

audio insertion into public space:

the audio insertion function is in two frames: the top frame shows a directory listing of the uploaded sounds. this listing is generated by a php script. clicking on the filenames invokes a cgi-enabled delphi program running on a windows pc, which plays the sound using directsound functions and sends a refresh function back to the client browser.
the frame on the lower left is the interface to another php script, that handles file upload to the sound database and refreshes the listing window.

programming by Ulf Freyhoff and Julian Rohrhuber


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