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Whatever you or your machine makes up on your screen or in your memory, is purely your interpretation of the series of
electric pulses I'm sending in my wall. Since you managed to get readable data out of this illogic forcefield of electrons,
here'z a


This is a private server! You have no bizznizz here!

None of the links presented in any of my pages imply my approval or participation with the information or ideas presented
on them! I cannot and will not be held responsible or liable for any damage resulting from the use of this server. All
information presented on these pages is merely a stream of bits that you happened to decode to whatever you make of it. I
do not take responsibility for myself, let alone the thing I produce. (I didn't do it alone anyway).

By using this site you agree that I am not fuckable!

This is a NO NAG site. All content is presented 'as-is'.


You can try some other disclaimers if this isn't already enough for you..


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